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Beauty and skin care


Genepharm Biotech Corp.

Calcium-T Repairing Toner 120ml

capacity: 120ml

expiry date: 3 years.

Expiration date: Marked on the package

Place of Origin: Taiwan


Healthy, moisturizing, glossy, elasticity

〉Correct distribution of calcium ions, enhances skin health

〉Good skin health, enhances skin absorption

〉Improved skin absorption, more effective daily skincare routine

〉Increases skin barrier, maintains moisture retention and elasticity

〉Say goodbye to yellowed, tired and unhealthy skin

Product features

Special moisturizing formula, moisturizes the skin, slows down water loss, relieves irritation and reduces redness, peeling… and other phenomena. Regulates the oil-water balance of the stratum corneum, provides hydration, and protects skin barrier at the same time. Added ceramide 3, hyaluronic acid, etc., are highly moisturizing, softening, anti-oxidant, and other easily absorbed ingredients to soften and care for the skin, and restore beauty and confidence.

How to use

After cleansing in mornings and evenings, close your eyes and spray directly on your forehead, left and right cheeks, and chin.


Calcium-T, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Vitamin B5, Fucus Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Calendula Extract.

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