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Beauty and skin care


Genepharm Biotech Corp.

Plus_Skin Barrier Therapy Lotion 120ml

Volume: 120ml

Storage period: 3 years

Expiration date: Marked on packaging

Place of Origin: Taiwan


Healthy, moisturizing, glossy, elasticity

Crrect distribution of calcium ions. Enhances skin health

Good skin health and enhanced skin absorption

Improves skin absorption and enhances regular maintenance

Increases skin barrier, maintains moisture retention and elasticity

Say goodbye to yellow and tired unhealthy skin

Product Features

Repair skin barrier, long-lasting nourishment, repair dryness, prevent skin roughness, reduce moisture loss, refreshing texture, non-greasy, suitable for daily use, adding allantoin to soothe and prevent dry itchy, soothe irritated skin, reduce redness, peeling refreshing texture, no added fragrance and alcohol.

How to use

Apply morning and evening after cleansing, gently massage onto the body until absorbed. If there is a whitish appearance when you first put it on, just push it out a little more.

Main Ingredients

Calcium-T, ceramide III, VI, IX, hyaluronic acid, phytosphingosine, sunflower seed oil, shea butter.

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